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Credit Control and Debt Collection Consulting Service

Our Credit Control and Debt Collection consultancy service can be used for single process engagements to entire credit control and debt collection strategy reviews. For your engagement, we draw on over 100 years credit control and debt collection experience including our lawyers at Collection Law Partners, managers and senior collectors within LCollect. By bringing our different layers of expertise to your organisation we can facilitate the creation or improvement of your internal practices.

This service can include (but is certainly not limited to):

  • Workflow creation and optimisation
  • Review of existing practices, identifying strengths, weaknesses and recommending improvements.
  • Assessment of the appropriateness of internal and external resources available.
  • Benchmarking to industry best practice.
  • Reviewing existing contracts for enforceability. Identifying improvements.
  • Advice on debt purchase and debt sale.
  • Review of existing internal and external dispute resolution processes
  • Ensuring you are fulfilling your compliance obligations.
  • Scoping outsourced solutions.
  • Training

We will work with you to identify the area you would like improved and the boundaries of the engagement and deliver to this scope.

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