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Default Notices and Debt Collection

This debt collection service is used by clients requesting us to issue a default notice. We have a wide range of default notices for a number of different industries. This includes consumer credit default notices that are compliant to the National Credit Code for the various products available (credit cards, secured loans, unsecured loans and mortgages), Franchise default notices and many more.


In conjunction with Collection Law Partners, we can customise default notices to your specific contractual agreements together with any relevant industry code of conduct or legislative framework.


You can engage us at a time of your choosing in the collections cycle to issue a default notice.


The Benefits

A compliant default notice issued.
Notification of when the default notice is issued.
Notification when the default notice expires.
You remain in control of the costs.
 No commission on any payments received.
 Access to our 24/7 Client Online Access, view real-time actions and correspondance
 No commission on any payments received.

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