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Commission / Contingency Based Debt Collection

We can take full responsibility for collection debts on your behalf at flexible and competitive commission rates. You refer all your accounts to us to collect on a success basis and direct all of your overdue debtors to us for communication and correspondence. We take the hard work out of this for you, and allow you to focus on your core business.


We will work with you to create a customised debt collection solution with predefined actions that will occur upon reaching key milestones. All new files received by LCollect are promptly actioned using our experience and professional judgement to get you the best possible result.


We will discuss your portfolio of debts, where you would like to refer them in your arrears cycle and tailor this service to your requirements. Important considerations are needed when the debts are with customers who will have an ongoing relationship with your business.


The Benefits

  Improve your cash flow. Receive payments on accounts that would otherwise remain unpaid..
  No payment = No commission.
  Access to our 24/7 Client Online Access. Review the progress of your debts at any time.
  Monthly live file reports.
  Active communication with you to keep you updated with the progress of your accounts.
  Flexible competitive commission structures.
  Access to our free debt collection resources online.
  Immediate debt collection activity by our experienced team.
  No need to communicate with debtors about their accounts. You refer them to LCollect.
  Free up your internal resources to focus on growing your core business.


Commission and Costs Structure

This commission structure is popular with our clients that are looking to pay lower commission rates but are willing to pay the costs to recover the debt. Incorporated into this package are phone calls that we make and receive, demand letters and correspondence we issue in the collection of your debt and the negotiation process. Costs can include legal action, field calls, searches, etc.  We will always seek consent before incurring any costs empowering you to control the costs associated with recovery of the debt.

Commission Only Structure


This commission structure is popular with our clients who do not want to incur any further costs associated in the recovery of the debt. While the commission rate is higher the risk associated in incurring these costs is borne by LCollect. If we do not recover any money we do not recover the costs we have incurred. This is on the basis you have a valid contract in place and there is no dispute that the goods, services or finance was provided as contracted.

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