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Field Calls

Field calls are provided to clients to physically attend an address throughout Australia and can be a useful tool not only in the debt collection cycle, but for other reasons as well. Our specialised field agents are fully licensed, have local knowledge and trained and experts at what they do. They have extensive experience in;

 Re-establishing contact with a debtor who may be non-responsive to other telephone or written communications.
Interviewing customers and debtors.
 Making payment demands and recording any payment offer made.
 Establishing a debtors financial position (including seeking supporting documentation).
 Assisting in skip tracing.
Performing process serving.
Taking photo's of their attendance.
Assisting debtors complete hardship documentation.
Assisting debtors with insurance claims that may satisfy the debt.
Evaluating and reporting on any assets sighted
Confirm and update contact details


We will provide you with access to real time updates on the progress of your field call that details the contacts and attempts our agents have undertaken.


Compliance and Brand Protection

We understand the compliance framework in this space. Our agents are trained in the ASIC and ACCC Guide to debt collection, are licensed, fully insured and comply to the Privacy Act / Privacy Principles and the National Credit Code. They understand the importance of your brand and always act with professionalism.

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