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Skip Tracing and Locations

Skip tracing involves specialist skills of licensed agents to locate people throughout Australia, and at times globally. We have dedicated agents that specialise in finding people.


Our agents are trained specialists and that have access to a wide range of databases to assist in the location process. In performing skip tracing services, our agents will seek a new residential address, a new contact number and employment information.


To get started, we require the last known contact details of the person and all documentation that may assist our agents in locating your missing person. This documentation includes your notes and contact log with the person, any credit applications or other forms that provide background information on the person such as references previously provided. The more information that is available to our skip tracing agents at the start can increase the likelihood of a successful location.


We will provide you with access to real time updates on the progress of your skip location that details the different methods our agents have utilised in attempting to locate the missing person. Most locations can be successfully conducted without the need of engaging an agent 'on the ground'.


Should it be necessary to support our skip tracing agents, we have field agents available both in Australia and internationally to conduct field calls and interviews at any addresses of interest. This includes new unverified addresses, past addresses, business addresses etc. The outcomes of these field calls are reported as well as any interviews that were conducted with people at the relevant address or neighbours.

Strict Regulatory Framework

We understand the compliance framework in this space. Our agents are trained in the ASIC and ACCC Guide to debt collection, comply to the Privacy Act / Privacy Principles and the National Credit Code.

Prepaid Skip Tracing Option

We have a prepaid Skip Trace available online to facilitate a faster and effective service.

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