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The building and construction industry has the highest rate of insolvency. If you are in this industry or supply to this industry, credit control and debt collection is a high priority. We understand the risks in this industry. We work with our clients and can clinically review there debt collection processes from the acceptance of a new client to collection of delinquent accounts and recommend improvements to reduce risk and collect debts more quickly to enhance your cash flow.


We understand that debt collection requirements can differ significantly among the different organisations in this field with larger businesses having dedicated accounts receivables team to smaller businesses who do not have a dedicated resource.


In tailoring a debt collection service that maximises your return of funds, we assess how our services can be used to cost effectively enhance and compliment your existing debt collection practices. We fit into your debt collection cycle where you require assistance. We can supply a fully outsourced accounts receivable solution to a commission based / contingency based solution or any other  credit control functions depending on your needs and internal resources available.

We Can Assist You With;

Debt Collection / Commission / Contingent based recoveries of bad debts.
Credit Control / Fee for Service collections; engage us for specific services you require.
Debt Purchase / Debt Sale. We can purchase your debts.
Legal Action to collect your debt through our partner law firm, Collection Law Partners Pty Ltd.
A fully outsourced accounts receivable function tailored to your needs.
Bankruptcy or Insolvency action through our partner law firm, Collection Law Partners Pty Ltd.
Locating debtors and guarantors through our skip tracing services.
Face to face contact or demands using our field call service.
Credit Control consulting to improve your collection process and improve collections.
Issuing Default Notices.
Issuing Solicitors Letters of Demand through our partner law firm, Collection Law Partners Pty Ltd.
Recovery and Repossession of any security interest you may hold.
Issue prepaid demands for one off engagements.
 Use our knowledge and experience to obtain immediate payment.
Make Telephone Demands and negotiate for payments
Perform company and title searches to assist with risk assessment at the credit acceptance stage or assets available for debt collection.


You can learn more about our services here.


A Risky Sector

With the higher failure rate of businesses in the building and construction industry, there is an increased risk associated with "phoenix companies". Government organisations including ASIC, the Fair Work Commission and the ATO are well aware of the risks of this activity. The government has given powers to make Directors personally liable in certain circumstances to prevent this activity.

Don't let your business become another unpaid Creditor statistic.

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