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We know how to collect your debts whilst adhering to compliance framework specific to consumer credit. We understand the importance of your brand to the consumer market. We know how to collect debts whilst protecting your brand. We understand the complexities and requirements specific to consumer credit and have developed a robust compliance framework into our debt collection processes and procedures.

We offer debt collection services at all stages of the collection cycle and are committed to working with our clients to provide value added solutions customised to their requirements.

We Can Assist You With

Credit facility collections
Secured loan collections
Unsecured loan collections
Overdrawn account collections
Mortgage repossessions
Repossession and realisation of other securities
Field Calls, Process Serving and other field agency requirements
Issuing all statutory notices required in consumer credit
A fully outsourced collection team.
Contingent / Commission based debt collection 
Credit Control and Fee for service based debt collection 
Court enforcement of your debt (in conjunction with Collection Law Partners)
Debt purchase 
Bankruptcy proceedings

Our company goal is to maximise the amount of money we collect on behalf of our clients. We work with our clients to understand their objectives and provide debt collection services at agreed points in the debt collection cycle to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. Where appropriate we provide a consultative approach in the design of our clients debt collection cycle which can provide additional insight and likely results from certain actions. We understand that each of our clients internal resources for debt collection is different and can be a determining factor in the design of a debt collection cycle and consequently how an outsourced solution can best fit. Whether it is from Day 1 or at the write off of the bad debt for collection, we seek to fit into these requirements.

Consumer Rights

We have a thorough knowledge of the rights afforded to consumers in today's market. We use our experience and expertise in negotiation desired outcomes to get you the best possible result and to avoid, where possible, the External Dispute Resolution process.


All staff at LCollect are required to undergo quarterly testing in relation to not only debt collection compliance in accordance with the ACCC and ASIC Debt Collection Guidelines but also in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. With our free 24/7 Client Online Access you have the peace of mind that we are acting not only in your best interests but also within the law. Our free Client Online Access has been developed to help you in not only monitoring your debts but also providing a multitude of reports that assist you in reporting to your Management team as to our progress and results.

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