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Mortgage Default and Repossessions

Mortgage repossessions are concerned with securing possession of a property (land) to satisfy your debt where you hold valid a registered mortgage as security of your debt. We work closely with the solicitors at Collection Law Partners in the enforcement proceedings and have developed a proven process in conjunction with them that is very cost competitive whilst delivering possession of your property to you sooner. When we have sat down and reviewed the time taken to obtain possession with other clients, it is not uncommon for us to have obtained an order for possession in the same time period that other providers have only just commenced proceedings. Don't take our word for, try us and find out.

We have proven processes and procedures developed, and in conjunction with Collection Law Partners can assist you at any stage of the mortgage repossession process.


We Can Assist You With

   Property Searches.
   Default Notices for consumer credit mortgages.
   Demands for commercial mortgages including any guarantors.
   Real Property Notices to all relevant parties (right across Australia).
   Securing possession of land if no party is presently in occupation.
   Where the land is occupied, in conjunction with Collection Law Partners secure possession through the court.
   Have solicitors prepare contracts for sale of land.
   Property presentation and sale.

We believe that mortgage repossessions should be done as quickly as possible. Not only does this reduce your potential exposure but it will save you money which is crucial when there is potential for a loss. LCollect, in association with our law firm Collection Law Partners, knows this and have the processes in place to make this process as smooth as possible for all parties.

Electronic Filing

LCollect in conjunction with Collection Law Partners were the first organisation in which to electronically file a Statement of Claim for Possession of Land in the Supreme Court of NSW using JusticeLink eServices. Our experience in using this state of the art technology has significantly reduced the time in which it takes to obtain possession of a property therefore potentially reducing your exposure. If your current provider is not using this technology we urge you to contact us to discuss the benefits of this technology and a confidential, obligation free discussion as to how we assist you.

Lenders Mortgage Insurance

We are conscious of the limits imposed by Lenders Mortgage Insurance. Our mortgage repossession has been packaged to minimise any out of pocket expenses not covered by Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

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