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Unsecured loan collection deals with the collection of debts such as personal loans and consumer finance to purchase goods. With no security or guarantee in place, we understand the exposure to losses these accounts presents to financiers. We know that these accounts require prompt collection action with proven processes and procedures that deliver results.

We Can Assist You With

  Demand Notices (including to guarantors).
  Default Notices (consumer credit facilities).
  Telephone demands and negotiations.
  Court proceedings (in conjunction with Collection Law Partners).
  A fully outsourced collection team.
  Contingent / Commission based debt collection at a time you decide is most effective in your collection cycle.
  Debt purchase.
  Bankruptcy proceedings.

We want to maximise your return of funds. Our approach is one of true partnership. We take the time to understand your requirements and brand to customise a debt collections process that is aligned with your requirements whilst maximising your return. Before incurring any additional costs (such as court enforcement action) we make a commercial assessment of the account to determine the likelihood that the action will yield a positive result. We only make recommendations to proceed where a positive result is likely.


LCollect offers all clients access to our 24/7 Client Online Access. This gives you the peace of mind that we are not only acting in your best interests but also within the law. We are committed to compliance and ensure that all staff undergo regular quarterly testing to ensure continued compliance with the ACCC and ASIC Debt Collection Guidelines and the Privacy Act 1988.

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