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We want to collect your debts

We are the debt collection experts and want to collect your debts. At LCollect we have experienced debt collectors that have a wide range of different industry experience to get you the best possible debt collection results, whilst delivering you a positive service experience.


To engage us to significantly improve your cash flow and bottom line through the recovery of your debts, please call us on 02 8923 1600 or contact us now.


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With our successful debt collection industry experience focused on a positive service experience we provide and an innovative approach to debt recovery that provides you with the best possible return. 

We are an industry leader when utilising new technologies available to collect debts and encourage open communication with your debtors so we can minimise the time in which it takes to recover your debts.

We believe in being fair yet obtaining the best possible arrangement with your debtors when payment in full is not forthcoming.

Having the support of a law firm that is dedicated to debt collection, Collection Law Partners, means that not only do we have the ability to keep up with up-to-date legislative changes but can provide you with timely legal counsel if required.

We urge you to contact us to arrange a confidential, obligation free consultation to discuss how we can exceed your expectations and provide a refreshing approach to debt recovery.

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