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Veterinary Surgeon Says Unpaid Debts is Stealing

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - Posted by Michael McCulloch

A veterinary surgeon based in Western Australia has recently come out in the Sydney Morning Herald saying that unpaid invoices for veterinary care is ".... essentially stealing from someone".

Dr Belinda Beynon said that in January 2018 that a distressed woman approached the surgery with 2 dogs that had been bitten by snakes. Having spent 13 years working in an emergency veterinary clinic, Dr Beynon, knew that the procedure would cost the owner a minimum of $3,000. The owner claimed to be unable to pay the full balance immediately and would pay $1,500 upfront and pay the balance within the week.

With both dogs surviving treatment the surgery attempted to contact the owner by phone and mail before referring the debt to a debt collection agency who also failed in their attempts to recover the debt. Dr Beynon wrote-off the debt and put it down to a bad experience.

Recently Dr Beynon said that she had new clients come in with a dog that required treatment however was undecided if she should commence treatment or not. Dr Beynon said that while her professional judgement said to treat the animal her business owner experience told her that they couldn't afford to.

While Dr Beynon was able to eventually authorise the treatment through financial assistance she said in a statement, "What I’ve tried to explain to people in the past ... is that what a vet charges is not always related to the quality of the work that they do. I guess I would say ... if you go into a veterinary practice and you request veterinary care, and you promise to pay something and then you don’t do it, you’re not taking away someone’s holiday to Fiji or a fancy piece of jewellery. That might mean they can’t pay their kids school fees that week. They might not be able to pay the drug bill that week. They’re not getting away with something – they’re essentially stealing from someone. Perhaps if more people gave more thought to the families behind the building and the impact it has, then perhaps they might question their own motives a bit more."

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